Quad Ethernet Card

The Ethernet modem with unmanaged switch interface card provides copper (10 Base-T and/or 100 Base-TX) to optical media conversion which combines four Ethernet ports to a single fiber port (as above) with an unmanaged four-port switch.

The Ethernet configuration requires two cards: Power Over Ethernet (POE) and Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE).


  • Local Network (LAN) extension
  • ADSL support
  • VPN support
  • VoIP telephony
  • WI-FI access
Product Number CLEI Code Description Download Documents
720920MST, SSC   Power Over Ethernet (POE) Specifications Installation Guide
720930MST, SSC   Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) Specifications Installation Guide


  • Can be powered locally (local power provided by the backplane).
  • Can be powered by 48 Vdc from the first Ethernet port as per Power over Ethernet specifications (in the appropriate polarity). Its interface supports the two standard modes of powering using superimposed 48 Vdc on the data pair or using the spare pin on the RJ45 in any polarity.
  • Has a DIP switch for Master/Slave.


  • Is locally powered to provides -48 Vdc to the Ethernet link on all four ports.
  • Has a DIP switch for Master/Slave.

Station -48 Vdc Multi-mode ST Connector 720460MST Local Powered
Station -48 Vdc Single-mode SC Connector 720460SSC Local Powered
Central Office -48 Vdc Multi-mode ST Connector 720470MST Line Powered
Central Office -48 Vdc Single-mode SC Connector 720470SSC Line Powered


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