Single Enhanced T1 Interface Card

The Station side card can only be powered locally, and provides 60 mA between the TX and RX pair to the Station side equipment. This power source provides no more than -48 Vdc.

On the CO side, the Central Office provides 60 mA DC current between the TX and RX pair to the CO unit, and is used to power the unit. As an alternative, power the card locally using a strapping


Direct Inward Dialing (DID). Will reproduce on-hook battery reversal for line maintenance.

Product Number CLEI Code Description Download Documents
720100MST, SSC SLI6BDABAA Station Side Card Specifications Installation Guide
720110MST, SSC SLI6BDBBAA CO Central Office Side Specifications Installation Guide

Both line coding “AMI” and “B8ZS” are supported

  • Single Enhanced T1 Station Multi-mode ST Connector 720100MST Local powered
  • Single Enhanced T1 Station Single-mode SC Connector 720100SSC Local powered
  • Single Enhanced T1 CO Multi-mode ST Connector 720110MST Line powered
  • Single Enhanced T1 CO Single-mode SC Connector 720110SSC Line powered


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