18”H X 16”W x 10”D Cabinet Assembly (With 6 Pair Bix Protector Block)

The TeleLite 722201/15 18" x 16" x 10" Cabinet Assembly can be used as either a CFJ or OEI. The 722201/15 features a lockable fiberglass cabinet and a white, treated backboard equipped with a TeleLite 3-slot Swing-Out shelf, 6-pair BIX-type input protector block, fiber take-up spools, and a ground bar. The NEMA 4X fiberglass cabinet is equipped with moisture proof stain reliefs, engraved nameplates inside and out, and two stainless steel locking hasps for security.

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722201/15 18”H x 16”W x 10”D Cabinet Assembly Installation Guide


    Positron assemblies feature all the basic requirements for a hybrid fiber installation.

  • Fiberglass NEMA 4X lockable cabinet
  • Fiber take-up spools
  • Pre-wired ground bar
  • Fused power input terminal
  • Passive ventilation with particulate filters
  • Stainless-steel latch and hasp for padlock
  • High-quality Thomas & Betts moisture-tight strain reliefs
  • Protected entrance 6-pair solid state protector block
  • Engraved plastic labels for cable entrance, ground, power and fiber access holes


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