40"x 30" NEBS Level 3 Cabinet Enclosure

The 40"x30" NEBS Level 3 lockable, powder-coated Aluminum Cabinet is available with two different mounting options:

  • Wall-mount option: 7243NC-WL
  • Pole-mount option: 7243NC-PL

The 40"x30" NEBS Level 3 Cabinet houses the assortment of NEBS Level 3 rated, 40" x 30" powder-coated Aluminum TeleLite backboard assemblies (Model #s 7243BS-10, 7243BD-10 and 7243BD-22).

Product Number Description
40" x 30" heavy gauge, powder coated Aluminum NEBS Level 3 lockable cabinet, availably as either wall-mount and pole-mount versions.


  • Lockable
  • NEBS Level 3
  • Dimensions 40" x 30"
  • Powder coated Aluminum
  • Wall or Pole mount versions


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