TeleLite HVI Pre-configured Units


Positron takes pride in manufacturing turnkey TeleLite High Voltage Interface (HVI) Assemblies that provide the best isolation.

Our HVI Assemblies are built on a manufacturing line. Every unit is thoroughly tested to insure that the field installation is without a hitch. Personnel safety and equipment reliability was foremost in the engineering design of this turnkey assembly.

Positron’s HVI solutions include a full portfolio of products that cost-effectively meet your requirements. TeleLite supports an extensive range of service types providing customers with a flexible, cost-effective, robust and reliable fiber optic isolator solution.

The TeleLite HVI product numbering simplifies the ordering process and reduces deployment costs.


  • Easier to build standard configurations that may be used across an organization. Using pre-configured HVI solutions ensures consistency between projects and installations, accelerating field staff’s knowledge and effectiveness at servicing the TeleLite installations.
  • Faster to configure and order, thus reducing engineering costs.
  • Simplified equipment selection significantly reduces ordering errors and time delays in executing mission critical isolation projects.

Simplified Four Step Ordering Process

Step 1 Choose a CABINET ENCLOSURE OPTION (CO Site [CFJ] and Station Site [OEI]) as well as a mounting option. All our enclosures are based on NEMA-4x compliant packages and are available in polymer or aluminum. For NEBS Level 3 compliant outdoor installations, the 40” x 30” aluminum enclosure is required. For indoor installations, the enclosure is optional.

Step 2Choose a BACKBOARD OPTION (CO Site [CFJ] and Station Site [OEI]). The backboard configurations are pre-engineered and pre-wired for fast and efficient planning and installation by field staff.

Step 3 Select a POWERING OPTION.

Step 4 Select the appropriate plug-in cards for the circuit types required for the project (refer to TeleLite Optical Isolation section).

When ordering a Cabinet Configuration: an option from 1, 2 and 3 must be selected.
When ordering a Backboard Configuration: an option from 2 and 3 must be selected.

Positron’s TeleLite solution has been tested and is fully compliant to NEBS Level 3 requirements in addition to FCC-15, FCC-68 and CSA/UL ensuring a robust and reliable system solution for your critical communication needs.


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