15 kV Lightning Arrestor

The Lightning Arrestor Unit guards against the very high potential difference that may develop between a Central Office incoming cable sheath and substation ground due to a lightning strike or Ground Potential Rise. In the event of an over-voltage caused by a lightning strike inside the Zone of Influence of a power substation, the 15kV lightning arrestor will begin to conduct and drain the lightning surge to the substation ground grid. The Model #751125 15kV lightning arrestor clamps the electrical potential induced by a lightning strike to 15kV until the surge decays. Once the voltage surge decays below the firing point of the lightning arrestor, the lightning arrestor ceases to conduct.

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751125 15 kV Lightning Arrestor Installation Guide


The lightning arrestor unit compliments the high-voltage interface by protecting the incoming OSP cable from damage resulting from a close proximately lightning stike and prevents surge voltages from rising higher than the rated voltage of the Teleline Isolator plug-in cards.


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