Plug-in Test Card

The Plug-in Test Card, Model 751366, is a testing device designed for use with the Teleline multi-card shelves. It is not intended to be left permanently installed inside the shelf, and so protrudes two inches beyond the isolation cards to prevent the shelf cover from being closed while the card is inserted.

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751366 NPPMC001AA Plug-in Test Card Installation Guide

Test Card


  • The card is used as a lead extension when verifying the continuity of the telephone lines. The card can be inserted into any shelf slot and provides feed-through terminals for Station and Central Office (CO) side Tip and Ring, and CO side Center Tap (CT) equivalence and remote ground
  • Panel jacks are provided for the Station side verification of -24 Vdc, -48 Vdc, Floating 130 Vdc, ring-up generator and station ground
  • The LEDs on the faceplate provide a quick visual check of the power available to the shelf. The LED’s will not illuminate if the polarity of the input power is incorrect
  • In addition to permitting access to “Tip 1” and “Ring 1”, the card also permits access to Tip “A” and Ring “A”. The card-edge connector designation A/1 indicates that the tracks for Tip A or Ring A are on the component side of the double-sided PCB, while Tip 1 and Ring 1 tracks are on the solder side

The card can be housed in the 3-card shelf Model #751127, the 5-card shelf Model #751112/15 (also 751112/1), the 8-card shelf Model #751109/15 (also 751109/13), or in any of our High Voltage Interface (HVI) pre-configured units.


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