POTS-Plus Plug-in Isolator

The POTS Plus Plug-in card (Model 751323) provides high voltage isolation for a loop or ground start PBX trunk line serving a power station. The isolator card can also be used for a regular telephone, dial-up modem, or fax.

The POTS Plus Plug-in card isolates a single POTS circuit. It is a direct replacement for Models 751317 and 7501-04.

The card can be housed in the old and the new generation Teleline Isolator shelves: the 3-card shelf, the 5-card shelf, the 8-card shelf, or in any of our High Voltage Interface (HVI) pre-configured units.

Product Number CLEI Code Description Download Documents
751323 NPP1ZP0BAA POTS Plus Plug-in Specifications Installation Guide


  • Loop start telephone (POTS)
  • Fax and dial-up “smart” modems (up to 56.6 kb/s modem)
  • Loop start PBX
  • Ground start PBX
  • Dial-up remote meter reading
  • Forward disconnect


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