POTS Standalone Isolator Unit

The POTS Standalone Isolator Unit, Model 751222, provides 50 kV RMS (70 kV peak) of high voltage isolation between a telephone line and the drop side of one loop start telephone, dial-up modem, or loop start PBX trunk.

The unit consists of an isolator card and a power supply mounted inside a small compact enclosure. The enclosure is molded from fiberglass, making it a lightweight, flame retardant product of high dielectric strength. Its fiberglass body limits the possibility of many kinds of infiltration while providing reliable isolation from external ground potentials.

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751222 NPMIHLAARA POTS Standalone Isolator Unit Specifications Installation Guide

Isolator Card and a Power Supply


  • Loop start PBX trunk telephone (POTS)
  • Fax and dial-up “smart” modems (up to 56.6 kb/s modem)
  • Loop start PBX
  • Dial-up remote meter reading


  • The Power Supply of the Model 751222 accepts a variety of voltage inputs with battery back-up on the Station side and provides -48 Vdc to the terminating telephone
  • CO side circuit components are powered from the CO battery feed
  • The unit’s sinusoidal ringing generator will regenerate the ring signal on the output and can ring up to five standard 500 type sets
  • The unit withstand 600 V power cross (as per UL60950) with automatic restoration of service
  • Enclosure resists the infiltration of dust, mist, and water from sprinklers
  • The unit’s operating temperature range may be extended to -4°F to 149°F (-20°C to 65°C) by removing the battery completely. If the battery is removed, in the event of a loss of service 120 Vac, there will be no back-up power provided. In this situation, the POTS Standalone Isolator Unit should be powered by a floating 48 Vdc or 130 Vdc supply)


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