Power Isolator Input Unit


The Power Isolator system is suitable to provide isolated power to a Copper Fiber Junction (CFJ) of a hybrid-fiber high-voltage communications isolation installation, or an all-dielectric Fiber-Fiber Junction (FFJ) located either inside or outside of the Zone of Influence of a power station.

The Power Output unit (Model 725610) provides a floating output of 100 Watts @ 48 Vdc. A local ground reference for the Power Isolator Output unit, if used, can be connected to the local equipment grounds of the equipment to be powered. In fact, the power isolator scheme can be used anywhere 100 W @ 48 Vdc power is needed, free from a remote ground influence.

The unique isolation capabilities of the Power Isolator are due to the high level of isolation present at both the Power Input unit (Model 725611) and the Power Output unit (Model 725610). The system has been designed so as to function only if both isolation units are present. The system cannot function correctly if one isolation unit is missing. If 120 Vac or 130 Vdc is fed directly to the Power Output unit, the on-board Green LED of the Power Output unit will not glow.

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