2-position 1U Shelf

The TeleLite 2-position 1U Shelf is ideal for smaller isolation applications providing a cost-effective solution that mounts in a standard 19” or 23” telecommunications rack.

This shelf is for indoor use only, and is designed for OEI (Station side) installation. If the CFJ (CO-side) installation is located indoors, this shelf can also be used.

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The shelf is designed to meet all applicable IEEE recommendations and FCC standards for Hybrid-Fiber, High Voltage isolation installations. Each shelf has two slots that can accept either a plug-in power supply or an optical service module. Three 2-slot shelves can be daily-chained together to distribute power amongst the shelves.

The shelf is also equipped with an Access Port on the rear of the shelf. Via the Access Port, a locally available -48Vdc can be fed directly to the shelf. The port also gives access to contact-closure alarm connections that report conditions of the optical service modules via contact closure.