Power Isolators

Positron is pleased to announce the Positron Power Isolator, a system for delivering high-voltage isolated 100 Watts @ 48 Vdc up to 2000 feet from the substation power source.

It accepts an input voltage of nominal 130 Vdc or 120 Vac and provides a regulated floating output of 100 Watts @ 48 Vdc, with an isolation rating of 50 kVrms (70 kV peak).

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  • Power a GPON Fiber-Fiber Junction (FFJ)
  • Power a Copper Fiber Junction (CFJ) inside or outside of the substation Zone of Influence
  • Power the substation’s wireless receiver in the switchyard
  • Power surveillance cameras
  • Power Alarm Systems
Safe to Use in GPR and Lightning environments
  • Provides 50 kVrms (70 kV peak) isolation from any remote ground reference.
Eliminates the need for Solar Power, Batteries and their maintenance
  • Brings isolated power to crucial systems anywhere you need it.
  • Requires no maintenance

The system consists of two fibreglass 12” x 14” x 6” NEMA 4X rated closures, each containing sophisticated power conversion electronics with Positron’s unique high-voltage isolation technology.