Composite Insulator Tester

The Positron Polymeric Composite Insulator Tester is a revolutionary device capable of determining the condition of all types of polymeric composite insulators, including critical suspension insulators, and making a determination if it is safe for live-line transmission work on AC transmission power lines of 69 kV to 1,000 kV.

A very simple procedure produces a graphic result that enables an on-the-spot determination if an insulator is safe or not.

Polymeric Composite Insulator Tester

Positron’s Polymeric Composite Insulator Tester has been sold around the world since the early 1990s and is the only product of its kind that can determine the condition of Polymeric Composite Suspension Insulators by sensing the insulator’s surrounding Electric Field.

The testers are not impacted by environmental conditions and provide a clear indication when a critical or more-severe-than-critical defect is present.

  • Provides and records an on-the-spot graphic representation of the insulator for safety determination
  • Lightweight and easy to use with single button operation
  • Optionally, field readings can be stored in a database for future reference and analysis
  • No direct electrical contact with high-voltage conductors
  • Allows for testing of all types and sizes of Polymeric Composite
Options available:
  • Composite Insulator Tester, 50 Hz 378209C1/50
  • Composite Insulator Tester, 60 Hz 378209C1/60
  • Composite Tester for Electric Railways, 50 Hz 3782091C/50
  • Composite Tester for Electric Railways, 60 Hz 3782091C/60
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