Substation Insulator Tester

With the Substation Insulator Tester, high-voltage electrical apparatus at substations can now reliably be tested without shutting power down at the substation. The Substation Insulator Tester has been specifically designed to operate in Substations on insulators and bushings of all shapes. It uses Positron’s proven and patented electric field technology to ensure 100% reliability in detecting any conductive defects without disconnecting power from the insulators, bushings, or the devices they are attached to. It allows a user to test an insulator or bushing in less than a minute to determine if it has any conductive defects, the degree and location of defects and whether it is safe to work in the vicinity of the insulator or bushing.

  • Used on all types of substation insulators (Porcelain, Glass, Composite, etc…)
  • Ideal for substation environments (conical shaped insulators, bushings, station posts, lightning arresters, etc)
  • Designed for operator safety (no electrical contact with insulator string)
  • Lightweight, durable construction
  • Microprocessor based technology
  • Compatible with standard hot sticks and field equipment
  • Tests Porcelain, Composite, Station Post and other insulator applications
  • Readings are taken at each porcelain bell or polymeric composite insulator skirt or shed
  • Readings are triggered by drawing the instrument over the substation apparatus being tested
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Ruggedized carrying cases
  • Optional Tablet/Laptop

Options available:

  • Substation Insulator Tester, 50 Hz 3782652U/50
  • Substation Insulator Tester, 60 Hz 3782652U/60
3782652U/50, 3782652U/60Substation Insulator TesterUser guide Specification Software