3-position Swing-Out Shelf

Fabricated with stainless steel, the TeleLite 3-slot Swing-Out Shelf is ideal for smaller isolation applications providing a cost-effective solution that can be wall mounted or assembled in a cabinet or a pedestal assembly.

The TeleLite 3-slot Swing-Out Shelf has an integrated Access Port mounted on the side of the shelf. Via the Access Port, a locally available -48Vdc can be fed directly to the shelf. The port also gives access to contact-closure alarm connections that report conditions of the optical service modules in both the CFJ and OEI via contact closure.

The shelf is designed to meet all applicable IEEE recommendations and FCC standards for Hybrid-Fiber, High Voltage isolation installations.

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When installed outdoors, the 3-slot, Swing-Out TeleLite Shelf shelf can be housed in a weather-resistant enclosure that can be wall-mounted, pole-mounted, or installed in a pedestal. When installed indoors, the shelf is wall-mounted on a plywood backboard. When closed, the shelf only has a wall profile of 4 inches (11cm). The shelf unlocks and will swing open 90 degrees for easy card-insertion or viewing of TeleLite optical service module LED readouts.

Fabricated from high-quality stainless steel, the shelf’s backplane motherboard has three edge connectors; one for each slot. Each connector distributes input power to the optical modules and gives access to contact-closure alarm connections.