Access Interface Card

The Access interface card provides access for powering to the TeleLite 7-position shelf and can be housed in any slot. (Model 720000).

This card provides:

  • Electrical connection between the backplane and the -48 Vdc supply to the OEI
  • Fuse and alarm contact
  • Protection against polarity reversal and transient voltages
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Fuse and Alarm Contact. The Access interface card at the OEI (Station side) and on the CFJ (CO side) if needed have Return and -48 V pins to provide power to the shelf. It also has a fuse alarm pin that provides -48 V when the Access interface card fuse is blown. This can be used for an external alarm indication.

Local Alarm One and Two. If any circuit card at the OEI (Station side) shelf experiences a fault condition, the local alarm relay contact (normally open) between pins (local alarm 1 and local alarm 2) will close, allowing current to flow through an externally provided circuit. This mechanism can be used to provision an audio or visual indication of a fault condition.