Power/Access Plug-in Card (15W)

The Model #721124 Power/Access Plug-in Card provides 15W @ -48 Vdc output from a 130 Vdc power input source. This lower cost Power/Access plug-in power supply delivers a lower power output than the flagship Power/Access card #721123 and can be used only for indoor applications. It offers the same Local and Remote alarm connectivity as the Access card Model #720001 and the Power/Access Card Model #721123.
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The Model #721124 15W Power/Access plug-in card can be used in all TeleLite shelves and provides 15W @ 48 Vdc to power TeleLite fiber service cards from a source of 130 Vdc derived from the substation batteries. The DC power input is isolated from ground so as not to compromised the floating nature of the substation batteries.