Single 8-card Shelf HVI Backboard,
with Dual NIU Housings

The Teleline Isolator 8-card Shelf HVI Backboard Assembly, Model 751950/05CU6 provides a safe, reliable, cost effective solution for isolating wireline communication circuits entering sites susceptible to high-voltage influences due to Ground Potential Rise (GPR) caused by lightning and/or power faults.

The Teleline Isolator offers 70kV peak, 50kVrms protection on each communication circuit, while permitting continuous communications before, during, and after a GPR event.

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751950/05CU6   Single 8-card Shelf HVI Backboard,
with Dual NIU Housings
Installation Guide

8-card Shelf HVI


This HVI backboard assembly provides high voltage isolation for sixteen (16) cable pairs entering a site and features the following:

  • IEEE 487 compliant
  • Teleline Isolator 8-card Shelf, Model 751109/15, certified to Safety Standard 60950, equipped to provide integrated Span Power for ADTRAN Total Reach®, HDSL and T1 circuits when used with Span Power equipped Teleline Isolator plug-in modules
  • Pre-drilled for interior wall-mounting
  • Entire assembly comes pre-wired to ensure dielectric separation of station and remote ground potential components, ensuring a safe and IEEE compliant installation
  • Equipment mounted on a ¾ inch (2 cm) thick plywood backboard with fire-proof paint:
    • Plywood backboard coated with fire-proof paint
    • Remote Ground Potential region designated in bright red
    • Station Ground Potential region designated in white
  • Connections to dedicated incoming communication cable (Remote Ground Potential) made via wire-wrap to ADC® high voltage isolation modules with looping jacks providing 20kV of isolation
    • Additional isolation jacks for circuit polarity reversal and circuit looping are provided for trouble-shooting
  • Station-side terminal block equipped with balanced, solid-state secondary protector modules
  • Dedicated incoming cable protected by pre-installed 15kV lightning arrestor
  • HVI assembly provided with:

Note: * For integrated Span Power applications, use power supply 751318MC or 751319MC


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