Plug-in Power Supply Card 120 Vac /-24 Vdc
or -129 Vdc/-24 Vdc

The Plug-in Power Supply Card is powered from a -48 Vdc source and provides -24 Vdc power to the 5-card Shelf or the 8-card Shelf. The card has a floating input, and does not ground the station batteries. It also offers the possibility of recharging the Plug-in Battery Backup Card, Model 751312.

If the Plug-in Battery Backup Card is not used, then two Plug-in Power Supply Cards may be installed in the 5- or 8-card Teleline shelf for redundancy.

Product Number CLEI Code Description Download Documents
751316 NPPSPA01AA Plug-in Power Supply Card 120 Vac /-24 Vdc or -129 Vdc/-24 Vdc Specifications Installation Guide

Power Supply Card

Each card is capable of providing the power required by a fully loaded shelf. When two cards are available, the load is shared by the two cards. If one of them fails, the other one takes over the full load without interruption of power.


  • The card is thermally protected. In case of overloading, the Power Supply Card will stop when too high a temperature is reached and will restart once it cools off
  • The card allows for redundancy if two are connected in the shelf. If one card fails, the other takes over the full load
  • The card can be used in conjunction with the Plug-in Battery Backup Card, Model 751312, to provide an uninterruptible power supply when operating from a 48 Vdc source that can be interrupted
  • A “Power In” LED and a “Power Out” LED allow easy assessment of power supply functionality

The power supply can be housed in the 5-card Shelf (751112/1 or 751112/15), the 8-card Shelf (751109/13 or 751109/15), or in many of our High Voltage Interface (HVI) pre-configured units.


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