TeleLite ZOI CFJ Backboard Assembly
with two 7-slot shelves

The TeleLite 724220/05 Backboard Assembly is specially equipped for placement of the Copper Fiber Junction (CFJ) within the zone of influence (ZOI) of a substation. The treated plywood backboard is painted red, is equipped with two 7-slot shelves, ADC Isolation Jacks, two 66-type punch blocks for cross-connect, and has no provision for a local ground connection due to the inherent nature of the hazards associated with a CFJ placed within the ZOI of a substation. Installation technicians must be advised NOT to ground this assembly inside the ZOI unless specifically directed to do so by a competent authority.

The TeleLite 724220/05 Backboard Assembly is designed to be mounted in either a suitable weather resistant cabinet, or onto an interior wall.

Dimension: 37” x 29”

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724220-05 37" X 29" TeleLite ZOI CFJ Red Backboard Assembly with two 7-slot Shelves, ADC Jacks and two 66-type punch blocks for cross-connect. Installation Guide


    Positron assemblies feature all the basic requirements for a hybrid fiber installation.

  • Fiber splice case
  • Fiber take-up spools
  • Cross-connect 66 blocks
  • Fused power input terminal
  • 12 fiber patch panel mounting bracket
  • Passive ventilation with particulate filters
  • Custom-made stainless-steel hasp for padlock
  • High-quality Thomas & Betts gas-tight strain reliefs
  • Protected entrance 25-pair solid state protector block
  • Amphenol connected to RJ connector array of TeleLite shelf
  • Ample space provided for a 220 mechanics 4-slot network interface housing
  • Engraved plastic labels for cable entrance, ground, power and fiber access holes


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