Enhanced 5-card CCC Isolator Shelf

The 5-card CCC Isolator Shelf Model 751112/15 houses eight plug-in isolator service cards. The shelf is molded from specially treated polyurethane resulting in a lightweight, flame retardant product of high dielectric strength. The moulded polyurethane body limits the possibility of many kinds of infiltration while providing reliable isolation from external ground potentials.

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751112/15 NPMILPAARA Enhanced 5-card CCC Shelf Installation Guide

5-card Shelf CCC

The shelf is equipped with the connectors for any of the plug-in cards from the Teleline Isolator line of products. The shelf has a separate space to accommodate a plug-in power supply card Model 751313MC (120 Vac /130 Vdc to -24 Vdc), a Battery Backup Card, Model 751312 to provide -24 Vdc uninterruptible power supply (UPS), 751318MC (120 Vac/130 Vdc to -48 Vdc), or the Model 751319MC (48 Vdc to -48 Vdc). If the Battery Backup is not used, then two Power Supply Cards may be installed for redundancy or to have both -24 Vdc and -48 Vdc available in the shelf.

The shelf is shipped with a Station cable stub for connection to substation communications equipment, a Polyethylene Insulated Cable (PIC) stub for connection to the Central Office (CO) incoming cable, and a power cable.

The CCC designation means that the shelf follows the telecommunication industry’s Color Coding Convention for cable-pair designations.


  • The Station and CO cables are ternminated in connectotrs that mate to individual printed circuit boards designed to eliminate any crosstalk interference.
  • Each of the five card slots can accommodate two Tip and Ring pairs for four-wire AC data applications, four-wire T1 applications, HDSL, HDSL4, bonded copper, ADSL2+ and VDSL2 applications.
  • The Station and CO cables are prewired to male connectors for insertion into the female receptacles mounted on the printed circuit boards inside the shelf. The power cable provided is used to supply 120 Vac to the shelf when an internal Power Supply Card is used.
  • The shelf has been successfully tested for the UL standard (94V0) for flame retardancy
  • The unit is lightweight and easy to install. The shef weighs only 12.2 kg (27 lbs).

For HDSL and T1 applications requiring a network interface on the station-side of the isolator, Positron’s latest shelves and isolator cards superimpose Station-side Span Power voltage directly across the Station-side Tip and Ring pairs with power derived from the -48Vdc output of the plug-in power supplies, such as the 751318MC and 751319MC. 751318MC.

Overall cost of the installation is reduced and simplified because the need for a dedicated power supply to drive the HDSL or T1 termination units is eliminated.

Power Supplies
The Mode #751109/15 CCC 5-card shelf can accommodate two plug-in power supplies simultaneously, allowing:

  • -24 Vdc and -48 Vdc outputs concurrently to power a combination of isolator modules requiring different input voltages
  • Two -24 Vdc or two -48 Vdc output power supplies used to obtain a higher power output if devices external to the shelves require more power than a single power supply can deliver

CSA 60950-1 (Certified to Can/USA standard 60950-1), FCC part 15, FCC part 68


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