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Positron's Insulator Testers are safe and reliable

The operational integrity of your utility's high voltage insulators is a priority. Particularly when you consider that a damaged, electrically deficient insulator can lead to complete system failure, serious injury, or loss of life. Your ability to safely and accurately evaluate "live-line" insulators, for electrical deficiencies, is critical to your network's efficient maintenance and safe operation.

The Positron Insulator Tester measures the AC electric field surrounding porcelain and composite insulators. It has two parallel, dielectrically separated plates that, when placed in an electric field, senses a voltage between them. The probe measures that voltage when infrared beams are interrupted. The beams, situated near the internal ends of the horseshoe shaped probe are interrupted when the unit passes over a bell (Porcelain) or a skirt (Composite). The measurement is associated with a time tag for later upload to PC.

Software is supplied with the Tester, which facilitates the transfer of data from the probe to the PC. The software also provides graphics to interpret the condition of the scanned insulators. Insulator identification can be associated to the currently tested insulator string. This software is no longer copy protected.

PC Based Technology

Positron's Insulator Tester represents a major advancement in insulator maintenance. The Positron Insulator Tester allows for the safe and reliable evaluation of high voltage insulators. The electrical field surrounding an insulator decreases considerably in front of an internally shorted or defective insulator. The Positron Insulator Tester automatically measures and records the electrical field along the insulator string. As the operator moves the Positron Insulator Tester along the string, optical sensors automatically locate the tester along the insulator. The information collected from the reading is stored in the Positron Insulator Tester's memory. This information can be then uploaded to a Windows based PC for graphical display and analysis.


Positron has engineered a series of scanners that allow users the ability to perform diagnostic evaluation of both ceramic and composite insulators. The Positron Insulator Tester has a number of important features including:

  • Ability to scan and record 300 strings before memory uploading is required
  • Data can be exported using ASCII format
  • Compatible with standard hot stick mountings
  • 50 Hz and 60 Hz options available
  • Designed for operator safety (no electrical contact with insulator string)
  • Lightweight, durable construction


The Positron Insulator Tester is a revolutionary analytical approach to evaluating suspension insulators. Some of the benefits of using the Positron Insulator Tester include:

  • Elimination of individual insulator counting for quick identification capability
  • Field readings can be stored in data base for future reference and analysis
  • Assessment of insulation degradation over time
  • Enhanced operator safety
  • Easy to use (single button operation of the probe)


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